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Why are Clear Aligners Better Than Traditional Braces?

If you’ve ever had to have permanent braces, you know how expensive and inconvenient they can be. But what if a clear aligner could help you achieve the same results without all that hassle?

Clear aligners are custom-fitted teeth-straightening devices that look like retainers. They’re less invasive than traditional braces, so they’re less noticeable and more comfortable. In fact, clear aligners for adults in Coconut Creek help you achieve the same positive results as traditional braces and, at the same time, provide better oral health.

Here are the main reasons for you to choose clear aligners over traditional braces.

  1. Easier oral health maintenance

With traditional braces and retainers, you must visit your dentist every 6 months for cleaning and adjustments. But maintaining clear aligners is much easier than you think. Since they are removable, you can take them out to brush your teeth and floss as you normally would. You’ll still need to visit your clinician for adjustments, but only once every 3 months.

  1. No dietary restrictions

With traditional braces, you need to avoid certain foods because they might cause cavities. But with clear aligners, you can eat whatever you want! However, it is recommended that you visit your dentist first to establish a healthy eating plan as part of your treatment.

  1. More comfort and convenience

Traditional braces are uncomfortable. They can also be a source of stress for teens. However, as clear aligners are removable, they are much more convenient and comfortable for both teens and adults. During treatment, you won’t have to wear them all the time, so it’s not as stressful for you as traditional braces. 

  1. Better appearance

Clear aligners have a much better appearance than traditional braces. They’re practically invisible, which makes it easier to go about your day without any embarrassment.

  1. Easier treatment

With clear aligners, you’ll spend less time in treatment and more time on other activities. This is because you’ll only need fewer adjustments than traditional braces require. That means you can finish your treatment sooner and with less effort.

  1. Safe

As clear aligners are removable, they’re less invasive than traditional braces and by extension, safer for you as well as for your teeth and gums. Also, with clear aligners, it’s easy to maintain proper oral care, so you won’t have any gum or tooth issues during treatment. Moreover, the clear material they’re made of makes it harder for bacteria to attack your teeth.

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