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What kind of mattress would you advise if you consistently get low back pain?

Back discomfort is one of the primary causes of individuals losing their mobility as they become older. People who experience pain may find it more challenging to maintain a healthy weight as well as to retain their strength, stamina, and balance as they age if they are less likely to participate in physical exercise. Therefore, it is crucial to treat and manage back pain that develops as a consequence of injuries or medical disorders if one wishes to remain on the road to leading a healthy and active life.

Due to the fact that the typical person spends one-third of their life in bed, choosing the proper mattress is essential for both the prevention and treatment of low back pain. It may have an impact on your ability to fall asleep and whether you wake up feeling rested.

In the past, physicians often advised patients to sleep on extra-firm beds. A 268-person poll found that low back pain sufferers who slept on very firm beds had the worst sleep quality. The difference in sleep quality between individuals who slept on medium-firm and hard beds was not very noticeable. So is a firmer mattress better for your back?

Soft mattresses, however, could provide a special set of difficulties. Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft and doesn’t mould to the contour of your body as you sleep may cause joint discomfort and alignment issues. But if your mattress is too firm, you can awaken with twisted and hurting joints.

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To lessen the movement caused by the bedsprings, consider placing a plywood board beneath your mattress. Alternatively, try lying your mattress on the floor to see if a firmer mattress might feel more comfortable. One of these approaches might help you determine if a firmer mattress is better to your current one.


You might always go to a mattress store and try out a couple different models. However, bear in mind that ease of purchase does not always translate into ease of sleep. Examining how you feel after sleeping on various beds in places other than your own home, like a hotel or a friend’s house, might be a more accurate test.

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