October 2021


Where Can I Get Free Eye Exams?  

When you’re looking for an affordable eye exam, there are places like Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care that offer cost-effective rates. However, not everyone can get much-needed eye exams, even at low prices. Fortunately, there are programs that offer free eye exams to get you the much-needed eye care everyone needs from reputable medical professionals.

If you’re searching for a free eye doctor in Avon IN or in your local area, check out if you meet the requirements of these programs.


If patients don’t have other programs available, then you can head to VISION USA. This is a non-profit organization providing eye exams, along with vision and eye care. They may also provide glasses to those without health insurance.

Those who plan on availing the organization’s free eye care can apply for help. Once you’re qualified, you can then receive services from your local eye doctor through a referral.

  1. Sight for Students

If you are looking for free eye exams for your children not covered by health insurance, they can get free eye exams and prescription glasses from Sight for Students. This non-profit organization focuses on the youth’s eye care, providing services nationwide.

They partner with various local community partners, social services agencies, schools, and doctors. Qualified children and students can be eligible to receive free comprehensive eye exams, corrective lenses, and glasses.

  1. EyeCare America

EyeCare America doesn’t provide free glasses, though they provide free comprehensive eye exams. This is a national public service program under the American Academy of Ophthalmology, partnering with various local, national, and non-profit organizations nationwide.

EyeCare America offers these programs to the working poor, along with low-income individuals and those without many options, which can be those who have health insurance without vision care or are currently on government assistance.

  1. National Eye Care Project

The National Eye Care Project is another non-profit organization running nationwide programs to refer patients to eye doctors and ophthalmologists. They provide free eye exams, along with a year of free follow-up care for any diagnosed eye conditions.

The organization also knows about other programs that offer free prescription glasses, contact lenses, and other eye care products you require.

  1. New Eyes for the Needy

Low-income, disadvantaged individuals and the working poor can go to the New Eyes for the Needy, a non-profit organization that provides free eyeglasses through a voucher program. The organization also partners with other charities and local social service organizations, so your area may be covered as well.

Take note that they don’t offer free eye exams but prescription lenses. However, they may have programs from time to time, offering eye exams.

There are also other organizations you can look into, such as:

  • InfantSEE
  • Vision to Learn
  • Lions Clubs
  • Senior EyeCare Program
  • Other local community clinics

Wrapping It Up

If you need free eye exams and other procedures, check out the free programs mentioned above to see if you can avail of them. If not, you can check with your insurance if such procedures are covered.

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Best cosmetic dentist in Bundoora

Whether you are looking to get your beautiful smile back with new teeth implant, or looking to get complete mouth dental restoration, you need a cosmetic dental clinic that has the facilities and expertise to carry out all kinds of cosmetic and other dental procedures.

Bundoora being a small part of Melbourne, may not have many clinics that have the kind of expertise you are looking for yourself, but there are some family clinics in Bundoora that have all kinds of dental specialty procedures being carried out.

It is always a tough job to find the best dental clinic for cosmetic dentistry. As the work involves your looks that are going to stay with you, finding the most appropriate dental clinic is an absolute necessity. Hereunder is a check list of features that you may study to find the best cosmetic dentist Bundoora and dental clinic.

Good facilities

Even if you have the best doctor of the country, but you don’t have the machines and other infrastructure to help him in the procedure, his work will at best be just an average looking job that any dentist may be able to perform. So, one of the first things that a good dentist requires to perform well is good facilities in the clinic. 

Doctors with reputation and experience

If you are looking for the best cosmetic dental clinic, then you will need to enquire about the reputation of the cosmetic dentist Bundoora working there. Years of hard work and continuous upgrading creates solid reputation for any doctor. So, enquiring about the team of doctors available at the clinic will help you develop confidence to get yourself treated.

Reasonable price

Some clinics charge huge amounts of money for cosmetic dental procedures. Before registering yourself in the clinic, it will be prudent to enquire about the procedure that doctor is suggesting and the total expenses that are estimated to be paid by you.

There are some dental clinics like Bundoora Family Clinic that offer comprehensive dental treatment at their centers. They not only have good doctors and facilities, but also well-defined infrastructure that will make your visits comfortable and good experience.

Well behaved and professional staff

Satisfaction of people visiting a cosmetic dental clinic is most important for it to survive and grow in the long run. This is possible only when the clinic has professional and well-behaved staff that treats its patients in a soft caring manner.

While many standalone clinics cannot afford to employ professionally trained staff, you will find highly courteous and professional staff when you visit Bundoora Family Clinic.

Latest equipment

Technology gets upgraded every few years, but most dental clinics continue to use old technology equipment to save money. However, just like skill is required to produce good results, likewise latest technology is must to treat patients properly.

If you are looking to get dental cosmetic work done on yourself, enquire about the equipment being used in the clinic so that you come out smiling the way you want. Bundoora Family Clinic is one of the most prominent dental clinics in Bundoora. It has been providing latest world class treatment to its patients for years. However, if you wish to confirm their reputation, you can log on to their website and confirm the reviews they have received from their patients over years.

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What Are the Advantages of a Family Floater Health Insurance Plan?

As the name suggests, a family floater health insurance policy specially caters to the insurance needs of a family. The working of a family floater health insurance is similar to the individual health insurance, the only difference is that it covers a group of people rather than just one individual. It covers all your family members under a single policy.

If you are looking for medical insurance for your family, family floater health insurance is one of the best options as it safeguards the healthcare needs of your loved ones. Since it allows you to get a single policy for all, you need not have to go through hassles of buying individual policies for each member and keeping track of the premium payments and due dates for all.

Let us look at some of the benefits of buying family floater health insurance.

Lower premium

One of the most significant benefits of buying family floater health insurance is that it is highly cost-effective. The premiums for such plans are much lower as compared to individual health policies. You can save up to 15% to 20% on the premium cost by buying a family floater policy rather than purchasing multiple policies for the family members.


Your family’s health insurance needs may change overtime and you may feel the need to increase or decrease the cover accordingly, right. For example, if you have a family plan that covers your spouse and parents, you can easily add your child to the policy and increase the sum insured later.

Also, if any of your family members is diagnosed with any illness and you feel you may need higher coverage to cover the expenses, you can increase the sum insured as required.

Cashless treatment facility for all

This is another major advantage of a family floater plan. You can avail treatment at any of the hospitals that are part of the insurance company’s network without worrying about bill settlement. Once you or any insured family member gets discharged, you must submit the bills to the insurer, and they will settle the bill directly with the hospital. This is an excellent feature as it helps you avoid the hassles of arranging cash, especially during an emergency.

Easy claim

Today, as most insurance companies offer online services, filing a claim and the claim settlement process has become simple and hassle-free. You can raise a claim when needed by submitting an online application along with the bills, prescription papers, and other documents to support your claim. Once the insurance company verifies the same, they settle the claim in quick time.

Tax benefits

Apart from providing health cover to your family and protecting your savings from the high medical cost, family floater plans allow you to enjoy tax benefits. The premium you pay for the policy is eligible for deduction up to Rs. 25,000 under Section 80D of the IT Act.

You can get an additional deduction of Rs. 25,000 if the policy includes your old-aged parents (aged more than 60). This means, you can effectively get tax benefits up to Rs. 50,000 and reduce your annual tax liability.

Final Word

If you don’t have a health insurance cover yet, make sure that you purchase a family floater policy today and enjoy the above benefits.

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Helpful Tips on How to Prevent Heart Disease

We’re always looking for ways to prevent heart disease, especially if we have a family history of it. Unfortunately, it’s a leading cause of death in many countries and a significant cause of mental or physical disabilities.

Various risk factors increase the chances of getting heart disease. While some are uncontrollable, such as genetics, you can reduce the other risk factors for better health. From a healthy diet with appropriate supplements from brands like douglas labs, down to regular exercise and quitting vices, here are the tips to prevent heart disease.

  1. Avoid Smoking

As much as possible, you must quit smoking and using tobacco if you do. Even if you don’t smoke, avoid secondhand smoking.

Cigarette smoke would increase heart rate and blood pressure since the heart will need to work even harder to supply oxygen to the brain and body. Furthermore, tobacco contains chemicals that can negatively affect the heart and blood vessels. When you quit, the risk of heart disease begins dropping immediately, so it’s time to stop the habit NOW!

  1. Start Exercising

Consistent and daily physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease as it controls our weight and reduces any other risk of developing conditions that hurt the heart.

If you aren’t active, you can slowly work your way up and go for low-intensity exercises, starting with a slow walk around the neighborhood. But generally, it’s best that you go for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise, 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, and two strength-training sessions weekly.

For those who have schedule conflicts, that’s fine! You don’t need to meet the guidelines precisely, but you should squeeze in as much movement as you can. Do household chores such as gardening, walking your dog, using the stairs, and more. These small actions lead to beneficial results, though it’s best to add in a few workouts a week to reap the health benefits.

  1. Have a Heart-Healthy Diet

You are what you eat, which is why a heart-healthy diet can keep you out of harm’s way. Not only can a good diet keep you away from heart disease, but it can also vastly improve your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and lessen your risk of diabetes type 2.

Begin eating more fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat food. Avoid alcohol, processed food, and anything with added salt, sugar, and trans-fat. It’s best to go for whole foods with all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy for the long run.

And if you can’t meet your vitamin and mineral needs for the day, you can ask your doctor about taking supplements. There are reputable brands like douglas laboratories that sell a variety of supplements to benefit the heart, among other parts of the mind and body. You can get these from stores like Supplement First but check with your doctor regarding what vitamins to take.

Wrapping It Up

Follow these tips to stay happy and healthy with fewer chances of contracting diseases that can affect your quality of life in the long run.

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