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What Happens if You Lose a Tooth in Tukwila

The visible gap created by a missing tooth can alter how your smile looks. But the greatest consequence of tooth loss is beyond cosmetic. Tooth loss can result in serious issues, and a Tukwila dentist will always recommend replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible. Modern dental restoration makes it possible to replace a missing tooth and its negative impacts, improving your health and look. Below are the consequences of losing a tooth:

Jawbone Loss

Chewing is important to your dental health. Through the support of your teeth, your jawbone remains strong. Chewing forces keep the bone dense and strong. But if you lose a tooth, the bone slowly starts to atrophy, making restoration options such as dental implants harder in the future. If you have been missing a tooth for a long time, your jawbone may have significantly degenerated. In this case, you may need bone grafting before you can get dental implants. 

Loss of Dental Stability

The teeth work together to keep each other in place. If you lose a tooth, a gap is created, letting the adjacent teeth shift and move towards it. This can lead to teeth misalignment and impact the way your teeth fit together you chew food. 

Gum Recession

As your jawbone shrinks, your gum tissues also shrink. Over time, the affected gums may become thinner. When this happens, false teeth and dentures can easily inflame and injure your gums. 

Facial Appearance Changes

Missing teeth impact your look. Tooth and bone loss can speed up facial aging, changing your teeth’s overall structure. After losing a tooth, the look of your lips, nose, and chin can change. Over time, a missing tooth can add up to a decade to your look. 

Eating Difficulty

A missing tooth can change your bite and chewing ability. It can make it hard or uncomfortable to consume certain types of foods. Missing teeth can result in missing nutrition. If you wear dentures, you may not be able to consume certain fruits and vegetables. Also, poor chewing performance can result in problems digesting. If you do not chew food properly, your body may not be able to absorb nutrition adequately. You should not allow a missing tooth to make you suffer. Your dentist can help you determine the right replacement option for you.

Speech Changes

Your teeth impact the way you speak. If you have missing teeth, your speech can change. Thus, you may slur some words, spit, or lisp. Also, your tongue can increase in size when you lose a tooth, which further impacts speech difficulties. 

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