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Ways To Deal with An Addicted Spouse You Live with

Having a complicated relationship is mostly with people you choose yourselves. People you date, marry or the one you live with. One factor that can ruin a long-term relationship or marriage is drug or alcohol addiction.

Drug choices can vary from person to person- alcohol, illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin or any other. Other than drinks and drugs a person is addicted to the after reaction that a substance can get. When a person is addicted, they will choose and prioritize their addiction over family. When a partner becomes a drug addict it can get difficult for you to remember the actual person you fell in love with.

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Every person needs to decide for themselves what are the boundaries in a relationship. Marriage is a legal contract any sort of transaction relating to drugs can make you an assailant. To keep your kids and yourself safe make sure you temporarily or permanently move out in the following situations.

  • Violence: kids are very gentle and like a sponge, they absorb everything that is seen. Hearing you and your spouse argue and use abusive language the kids get affected and leave with mental trauma. Any verbal abuse to you or the kids can be equalto physical abuse in the mind of kins
  • Open drugs use at home: it is not appropriate to have open drug usage around the kids. Don’t let your kids be around the usage of the drug. It makes it seem normal and acceptable

It is going to be hard to leave a spouse who is addicted. However, for the safety of your kids and to maintain your sanity it’s important to move out.

Ways to deal with an addicted spouse

For some people, it may be better to stay with the addicted spouse and help them recover. If you are ready for that these steps could help you.

  • Seek help: reach out to your friends, family or any person you can trust. A family physician is the best option. Find out about counseling and rehab in the locality, but never stay silent and suffer alone.
  • Show support: if your spouse shows interest in rehab or recovery programs show them your support. Attend a few workshops with your spouse. Read articles on recovery and follow all the necessary steps to achieve your goal.
  • Take care of yourself: living with an addicted partner can be hard. It can get you in bad mental health so you must take care of yourself. Consult a therapist who you can turn to for help.
  • Study about addiction: till you don’t understand the meaning and reality of addiction you can not help anyone. Many psychological and mental changes take place and are important to be known to you.

Asking for help is not being weak. It is fine to ask for help and it is a very brave step that anyone can take. Go ahead ask for help or if you know someone dealing with addiction issues help them.

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