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Faith-Based Treatment – Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays in these busy days, people are getting burdened with their heavy workload and stress. They don’t even get enough time for themselves to take care of. Which is the major cause of stress and anxiety and to deal with it they start taking addictive substances, even though they only show temporary results, but later cause even more trouble?

Where to get the best treatment?

There are many rehabs and therapeutic treatment that helps patients get rid of addictive substance abuse. However, not all therapeutics suits everyone hence before going for any treatment you should be careful and choose the right one. However, it is really difficult to find the good ones among all the Rehab and therapeutic centers.

However, Genesis recovery is a nonprofit, licensed, Faith alcohol rehab center that helps people to overcome their addiction with their highly structured, zero-tolerance addiction recovery program. Its spiritually therapeutic treatment is its main attraction. It combines four elements: faith-based, clinical, 12 based, and community-based.

What is faith-based treatment?

This kind of treatment is mostly for people with strong spiritual beliefs and will. It not only helps the people to recover but also allows them to develop their spirituality and faith in a higher power while recovering. As lack of faith can be a major factor contributing to depression, it could be a proven essential for the treatment of patients dealing with depression.

Faith-based treatment includes these things:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-love
  • Trust in life
  • Faith in a higher power
  • Trusting others and in the relationship with them
  • Finding happiness in every aspect of life
  • Living the little moments

Therapies offered in faith-based treatment

The therapies provided in the faith-based treatment can also vary with the religion, which the person is following different for the Christian ones which mainly focus on Christianity and faith. However, overall it is centered around spirituality, forgiveness, enlightenment, and compassion. It teaches the person about the importance of life how to respect it.

It also includes yoga and meditation to keep the mind calm so that it could connect and communicate with the high power and the world.

Religious Rehab vs non-religious Rehab

Religious and non-religious rehab can differ from each other in many ways:

  • The treatment therapeutics in religious Rehab are mostly based on clinical methods whereas the faith-based treatment in religious Rehab is based on both spirituality as well as on clinical facts.
  • The nonreligious Rehab may follow yoga and meditation sessions, however, the faith-based treatment in religious Rehab centers includes more spiritual-based tasks including group work.
  • The nonreligious Rehab only helps the patient to overcome the substance abuse whereas the faith-based treatment helps the patient to overcome their fear, insecurities, mistakes and motivates them to become a better person in the future.


If you’re suffering from substance abuse or any of your close people is suffering then you must go for faith-based treatment as it also helps the person physically, spiritually, and mentally to become strong enough to deal with the rest of the hurdles that may come in future.

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