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Dealing with a Loose Tooth in Plymouth

As an adult, having loose teeth is a serious issue. If you have at least one loose tooth, this means it’s pulling away from its permanent position. Every tooth in your mouth has a particular place and a specific function. Thus, your dental care in Plymouth should include having your teeth checked for any loose ones. Your dentist can determine if you have loose teeth and when they need to be removed. 

Causes of Loose Teeth

Your permanent teeth can become loose for many reasons. Even if you diligently follow a good oral hygiene routine, your teeth can still become loose. This can happen due to an underlying condition such as diabetes and malnutrition. Also, your teeth can also become loose as a side effect of medications or treatments. Excessive smoking and alcohol use, genetic factors, extended drug use, as well as improper oral health care practices can also be blamed for having loose teeth.

Treating Loose Teeth

Modern dental treatments can effectively address loose teeth. They are designed to restore the original beauty, health, and strength of your teeth. They include dental implants, bonding, dental veneers, dental bridges, dentures, and orthodontics. The right treatment for you depends on your dental situation and other factors. Your dentist can help you pick the best one that suits your needs.

Steps to Take After Having a Loose Tooth

Sometimes, you may find out that a tooth is loose when you brush your teeth, chew or bite foods, or run your tongue along the teeth. After you know you have a loose tooth, take the steps below:

  • Avoid playing with a loose tooth. As much as you want to know how loose your tooth is, you should not play with it. Otherwise, it can become even looser, possibly leading to a dental emergency.
  • Avoid the tooth when you bite or chew. While this can be hard to do, do not bite or chew with the loose tooth until you visit a dentist. The last thing you want is to accidentally knock the loose tooth out of place, which only makes the problem worse. Before you can see your dentist, try to consume just soft food and chew on the other side of your mouth. 
  • Schedule a dental appointment. As you book an appointment, tell the receptionist that you have a loose tooth that must be addressed. They can inform you if you need an urgent appointment. Also, your dentist may give special instructions you must follow until your appointment. 

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