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Unambiguous Choice Sub the Remedy Best This Urine Brands

Unambiguous Choice Sub the Remedy Best This Urine Brands

The Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is one of the products on our list. It is also manufactured and sold by Clear Choice. To get through a test for drugs, you can frequently buy liquid artificial urine on the market. This granular urine, nevertheless, only requires moisture to activate. If the urine is a powdery substance the parts will not combine or set in the package. It means that you should only be preparing the specimen on the day of the drug test and storing any extra for a last-minute crisis. regardless of whether it is dried pee, you are unlikely to be able to tell the difference between the real thing and this counterfeit pee solution. To replicate the feel of real pee, this artificial urine additionally has creatinine levels of acidic substances such as urea, potassium, and salt. Talking about what it includes, the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit consists of an acrylic bottle with a lid on the outlet, a degree strip, a thermal initiator substance, and a small container of dried pee. The composition for Pure Choice’s Sub Remedy is updated regularly, providing you the best opportunity to succeed in a test for drugs, but it’s also important to mention.

The advantages

  • Identical to real human urine
  • Toxin-free and undetectable
  • It includes a patented heat activator formula.
  • It is more simple to work with a powdered solution.
  • Maintains the pH level 

Negative aspects

  • One must carefully follow the instructions.
  • Expensive and complicated to obtain


The other item on our list is an untrue pee result with an electronic component that maintains the temperature of the fake pee for four hours. The following will give you a few hours to make it to the location for testing and submit your specimen. This digitally governed kit will not produce false positives or alarms when you take the test. Even if someone is watching you while taking the test, you can use synthetic urine discreetly.

Because it is unisex, additionally men along with women may utilize it. A guy, on the other hand, can use the kit more discreetly to deliver fake pee.


  • It includes a gadget that maintains the counterfeit hot for four hours.
  • It is easy to use and configure.
  • A closed item can be kept for approximately twelve months.
  • The rechargeable control of the temperature in the kit guarantees the successful completion of any kind of substance test, including pre-employment tests and other tests in particular.


  • It is costly
  • The urine results won’t be accurate if the water measurement is wrong

These are the techniques for an effective human fake pee for drug test.

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