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Top 5 Lifestyle Changes for Neck Pain

Neck pain is widespread, with around 30% of Americans suffering from the condition at least once a year. Most Las Vegas neck pain cases are due to repetitive daily habits and poor muscle tone. This means that you can easily manage your back pain by altering your habits and adopting exercises to strengthen your neck muscles. You have to seek a professional diagnosis first to get to the root of your condition as you might require advanced treatments. Fortunately, you can manage and prevent neck pain in the future through simple lifestyle changes as outlined below.

Update Your Posture

Your neck could hurt because of your posture. Therefore, it is good to check on how you pose throughout the day as it may not only affect your neck but your entire body. Although changing something you are used to may take time, ensure you commit to checking on your pose everyday. You can even use reminders on your phone and set them at every hour. Evaluate how you sit or stand and consult your doctor for tips to improve.

Invest in a Supportive Chair

Depending on the nature of your job, you might be spending more time sitting, which could cause neck and back pain. But you can improve this by getting a supportive chair that will give you a better sitting posture to minimize your chances of neck pain. Ensure the chair supports your neck by having a headrest and ensure you sit back often. Additionally, try to pull your computer closer to avoid you leaning in and take breaks often.


Alter Your Sleeping Position

Your neck can be affected by the way you sleep. Sleeping on your neck is a terrible position for your neck and spinal health, while sleeping flat on your back is the best position to sleep. Also, the type of pillow you use can strain your neck muscles, causing pain. Try using a thin firm pillow, or one that molds the shape of your neck and head. If you like sleeping on your back, it is good you place a pillow between your legs. Additionally, ensure that you are using the correct type of mattress by testing several options to find out which works best for you.

Use Your Phone Cautiously

Phones are becoming one of the common reasons many patients are complaining of neck pain. Your phone can make you lean on one side when on a call, and if you answer long calls regularly, your neck can ache. Also, spending more time on your phone will make you look down for long periods of time, which can cause neck pain. But you can reverse your symptoms by holding your phone higher to a comfortable position where you will not have to lean. If you spend a lot of time on your phone, be sure to take breaks to stretch your neck.


Drinking plenty of water daily may not seem like it benefits your neck, but it does. Your spine discs need water to maintain space in your vertebra, and hydration helps your spine remain appropriately aligned. Staying hydrated will also help avoid disc degeneration due to aging, which could cause neck pain. Try drinking a cup of water as soon as you wake up and carry a water bottle with you for the rest of the day.

If you have neck pain, get a professional diagnosis at McNulty Spine to understand the best way to manage your condition. Your provider may recommend lifestyle changes or go for more advanced treatments based on the cause of your pain and the severity of your condition.

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