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The Harlequin Strain: Common Usage, Medical benefits, and Fragrance

A fairly infamous marijuana strain that Canadian dispensaries contain is the harlequin strain. It surely is natural to be curious about its consequences if you haven’t been introduced to this before. However, for starters, the harlequin weed strain is a blend of Nepali Indica, Columbia Gold, and Swiss and Thai sativas. Thus, for its notable percentage, this amalgamation has various unique impacts. It’s a balanced strain for both medical and sporting clients because of its capacity to relax the body, rouse a glad state of mind and relieve pain.

Common Usage

This strain is essentially used for the euphoric effect that it causes due to it being Sativa-dominant. It unwinds without welcoming on too extraordinary a body high, making it a great companion to start your day with. Additionally, it makes the work at hand seem more enjoyable, helping the users stay more focused and alert. Its initial effects incorporate concentration, an energy that feels natural, happiness, and relaxation without making the user feel anxious. The impacts of utilizing this specific flower strain are frequently positive, motivating mental clearness, the extrication of stress, and a feeling of calm.


Harlequin strain gives off a natural, citrus aroma suggestive of mangos and other sweet-smelling tropical organic products. It’s not a very exaggerated aroma that will penetrate the whole room, yet the delicate scent will leave a touch of gritty, citrus tones in the air. The fragrance is equivalent to a combination of timberland smells (pine and earth) and fresh fruit product trees, the two of which complement each other marvelously.

Flavors and Appearance

This strain is of a deep woody flavor when it’s smoked. It includes traces of pine notes with a spiciness that slices through the solid natural taste of the flowers. It has a hint of forest flavor. Although the taste is strong, the residue smoke is tempting and pleasant. These buds are tight and thickly compacted. The leaves have a standard green tone with orange and radiant red pistils all through. Buds are generally medium in size and coated with a layer of thick, tacky trichomes, frigid, notwithstanding their somewhat low THC substance.

Medical Advantages

Harlequin’s CBD content makes it an essential product in treating numerous ailments that cause inflammation and pain. It’s a brilliant and regular pain killer and decreases the body inflammation that prompts difficult conditions to decline. Not only this, but it also assists reduce the severity and force of migraines and headaches. Apart from this, its ability to help a person feel relaxed and calm their senses, providing a feeling of joy, reduces anxiety and depression symptoms. Since this strain loosens up both mind and body, Harlequin’s anxiety reduction is vigorous and compelling in lessening a few upsetting secondary effects related to tension and stress.


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