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Some of The Common Causes Behind Hearing Loss 

Hearing loss can significantly impact the quality of life of an individual. It can cause issues in performing daily tasks. To treat it, it is essential to be aware of its causes and get a hearing screening at Audiologie Centre West

Here are some of the possible reasons behind the loss of hearing abilities in people. 


Hereditary Issues passed down from parents to their young ones can cause changes in the structure and functioning of the ear. If someone’s parents or family has a hearing loss background, it is suggested to consider assistance from genetic counselors during pregnancy. They help in determining the impact of genetics and the possible physical defects as well as other medical issues running in the family. They instruct about the potential damage that can take place after the child takes birth. 

Often, there are changes or mutations in the structure of genes. Genetic mutations lead to two types of hearing loss. 


A syndromic hearing loss occurs along with other medical issues like loss of vision. 


Any additional health issues do not accompany this kind of hearing loss. The affected baby only suffers from hearing loss as a result of the genetic mutation. 

  • Early birth or underweight babies

In cases of pregnancies where the child takes but earlier than expected or before the 37th week, The babies are at risk for developing medical issues like loss of hearing abilities. They are more prone to such issues as compared to babies who take birth late. Also, babies born with significantly less body weight are also at risk for developing issues in the structure of the ear, head, or facial features. These issues are prevalent in babies who weigh less than 8 oz. The deformed body features, especially the ears, can lead to hearing issues. 

  • Contacting virus or getting infected while pregnant

Loss of hearing abilities is also observed in cases where pregnant mothers contact various kinds of harmful viruses and get infected. This results in issues with the baby’s health. Some of the most dangerous viruses are as follows:

  • Cytomegalovirus

This virus is also referred to as CMV. It is a commonly observed virus that results in sore throat, fever, swelling in the glands, and excess fatigue. 

  • Herpes

People get infected with herpes after contracting herpes Simplex virus, also called HSV. This results in damage to the affected person’s eyes, mouth area, skin, butt, and genitals. 

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