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5 Advantages of IVF Infertility Treatment

Decades ago, few couples had infertility issues, but more people are developing fertility problems, and the trend might not stop soon. First, the issue might arise due to women having children after a stable career, education, and steady salaries. It is easier to fall pregnant at a young age than at an old age. Secondly, diet and environmental changes could impact the ability to fall pregnant. It is prudent to seek help from gynecologists such as Dr. Peter L Chang to treat infertility issues. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most sought fertility treatments, and it might be popular since it is more effective; read on about its advantages.

IVF is More Effective than Other Infertility Treatments

You might go through other infertility treatments in vain, but at long last, you will settle for IVF treatment. IVF treats almost all infertility problems, and your doctor might make a diagnosis that can be treated only with IVF treatments. Therefore, it would be better to avoid wasting money on alternative infertility treatments. You can ask your IVF doctor about the effectiveness of the treatment for the specific medical condition.

IVF Works for All Patients

IVF applies to almost all patients in good health and who have a healthy uterus and can carry the baby to term. It might apply to the baby’s mother or a surrogate mother. Same-sex couples, single women mostly prefer the procedure to other infertility treatments.

It Can Use Donated Eggs and Sperms

If your fertility doctor recommends using donated eggs or sperm to improve fertility, then IVF would be the appropriate treatment. Thus, the egg is fertilized in a fertility clinic, and the viable embryo can be used for fertilization. Using an embryo makes it easy to get pregnant and carry the pregnancy to term.

It is Possible to Time the Ovulation Period

IVF offers more control over your ovulation cycle, as you can choose a period when you want to get pregnant. Moreover, the treatment includes using hormones that induce ovulation and help the uterus support the embryo. Therefore, it decreases the chances of incurring a miscarriage.

It is Possible to Get a Healthy Baby with IVF

You can opt for genetic screening, which ensures you implant the healthiest embryo. Genetic screening applies preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), which ensures the embryo is free from disadvantageous genes. PGT can show genes for downs syndrome, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and Tay Sachs diseases. These tests will be done arbitrarily, but you can request them if your partner tests positive for the genetic disorders. Therefore, IVF might be the solution for people with genetic disorders but wish to raise a family.

Final Thoughts

Infertility occurs due to lifestyle, diets, and environmental factors, and they might continue to affect couples in the future. Luckily, medical innovations such as IVF can resolve infertility problems. First, IVF is safe, effective, and gives better health outcomes than other infertility treatments. Almost everyone can benefit from the treatment, and it makes it easy to get a healthy child, especially if you choose to do the PGT test. Good luck getting the IVF treatment.

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