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Problems That Can Arise From Chipped Tooth

Both adults and children often suffer from chipped teeth. Although the body’s enamel is the most rigid, mineralized tissue, it is relatively simple to chip a tooth. In addition to biting down on something hard or falling and striking your mouth at the correct angle, dental problems, including tooth decay or nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism) can also break a tooth. Awareness of potential issues is important if you recently had a chipped tooth. Contact family and cosmetic dentistry in Jackson Heights if you have a chipped tooth. 

Problems that can arise from a chipped tooth

When a tooth is chipped, you should always visit a dentist. Usually, you will not require extensive repair for tiny chipping. The dentist often simply files the chipped tooth back into place or fills it with dermal glue to restore its original appearance. However, bigger cracks may require a more complex dental repair.

A large enough chip can potentially hurt the pulp inside the tooth. Your tooth’s center, the dental pulp, comprises connective tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and living tissue.

How will your dentist fix your damaged tooth?

In the case of small chipping, the dentist may just need to smooth down the jagged edges or fill the cavity with a dermal filler that matches your tooth. To prevent further infections, badly chipped teeth that are not damaging the pulp or root may need a crown or cap. Before having a cap to a crown on a tooth that has been injured in the pulp or root, you might need a root canal.

Preventing a chipped tooth

Maintaining good dental hygiene is the initial step in avoiding a chipped tooth. Maintaining tooth enamel strength can be accomplished by ensuring you do not have cavities or tooth decay.

If you play sports, your dentist might help with mouthguard fitting. Athletes are susceptible to harm, especially on the face. Protective equipment can prevent damage to teeth.

If you are prone to biting your nails or chewing on your pen cap when stressed out, you could consider changing to something less dangerous, like compressing a stress ball.

Finally, try to stay away from consuming ice and hard candies. We agree that hard candy is a nice treat. If you cannot help yourself, resist your desire to bite into and shatter the candy.

Sometimes it is difficult to stop a tooth from chipping. However, you can help maintain healthy and chip-free teeth by practicing proper dental hygiene, adjusting your anxious habits, and changing your diet.

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