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Non-surgical Wrinkle Removal: How It Works

It is understandable why BTX is among the most famous wrinkle removal treatments in Singapore. BTX is a cosmetic injectable that may be used to smooth out wrinkles, shrink pores, and even give the skin a younger appearance. BTX has long been used for numerous years and is generally safe in Singapore. Furthermore, BTX treatments in Singapore are reasonably priced.

What happens, however, if you are unsure about having BTX? You could believe it to be overly pricey or intrusive. Or perhaps you simply do not know what to anticipate from the actual procedure.

What’s BTX?

Botulinum toxin, a complex protein that may be employed to address a number of medical conditions and skin concerns, is a short, painless, non-invasive process that temporarily lessens the visibility of wrinkles and creases on the face. Muscles are injected with a pure protein, which relaxes them. They’re often mixed together with fillers, which could help in wrinkle removal.

By temporarily numbing the muscles that generate wrinkles, also called frown lines or glabellar lines, botulinum toxin is most often used to cure them. Additionally, it’s utilized to address a variety of illnesses including hyperhidrosis, muscular spasms, strabismus (squinting), and eye abnormalities. Even migraines may be treated with BTX injections!

With the use of small needles, BTX is injected at a depth of approximately 1/100th of an inch into selected muscles. The effects begin to take effect one day after injection and remain for around a week.

How Does BTX Work?

Acetylcholine is a particular sort of chemical messenger or neurotransmitter that is the target of BTX. BTX is injected into the face, where it passes through the circulation and attaches to acetylcholine receptors on the muscles of the face. This prevents those muscles from contracting, which prevents them from moving.

What Is Treated With BTX?

BTX is a treatment that may be employed to address a variety of skin and face disorders. Below are a few common issues that our Singapore aesthetic clinic uses BTX to address:

Frown Lines Range From Mild To Severe

The frown lines that appear between your brows may be treated with BTX in mild to severe cases. Tiny doses of BTX are injected during the operation into the frowning muscles. These muscles would gradually become less active as a result of the injections, smoothing down the brows.

Crow’s Feet

By making the muscles surrounding the eyes relaxed that cause them to crease when you smile or squint, BTX also addresses crow’s feet. The eyes will seem more relaxed and younger as a result of the wrinkles surrounding them being smoothed out.

Forehead Lines

You may address moderate to severe wrinkles on the forehead using BTX. You will start to notice benefits in two days when these injections relax your muscles in that region and smoothen any wrinkles that have built up over time.

BTX may be administered to your forehead to reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones from growing.

Too Much Skin Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Hyperhidrosis, often known as too much skin sweating, is a disorder where the body generates extreme amounts of perspiration, which accumulates beneath the skin. BTX injections may be used as a therapy for this problem in the palms or armpits, which are areas where you sweat a lot.

People with the condition known as hyperhidrosis, which leads to excessive sweating in places like the palms and underarms, may benefit from this therapy.

Migraine Headaches

An extreme headache on the side of the head, along with vomiting or nausea are symptoms of migraines. People with migraines may find it difficult to function normally, so finding relief from the pain may let them go back to their daily routines and enhance their quality of life. When administered into certain regions of the head where migraines most frequently arise, BTX injections have been demonstrated to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of migraines: temple region behind your eye socket, the middle section of the top of the head near the bridge of the nose, forehead at the hairline, rear of the head at the base of the skull, front half between eyebrows, and back half between eyebrows.

Tension Headaches

The most typical sort of headache is a tension headache, which may be brought on by stress, tightness in the muscles, or weariness. By relaxing your forehead muscles that may be generating discomfort, BTX injections might actually help with severe headaches.

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