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Need for Immediate Replacement of Missing Teeth in Dedham

A loss of a tooth in the front portion of the mouth undoubtedly calls for the requirement of immediate replacement. But is this true for the back of the mouth as well? For some, it might be true, but most people tend to ignore an immediate replacement of a lost tooth if it happens somewhere in the back of the mouth. However, regardless of the position of the tooth loss, as Dedham, MA dental practice experts suggest, it is important to get it replaced as soon as possible for various reasons, all of which are listed below. 

Reasons to Consider Immediate Tooth Replacement:

During the initial phase, one would not know the consequences, but with the passage of time, a few complications might start appearing. This includes a deterioration in the health of your teeth and also your physical health. Here’s why!

It Might Lead to Malocclusion

This might be a tough term to hear, but it’s a fancy phrase that means wrong teeth alignment. This happens due to the gap created by the lost tooth and the aspiration of other teeth on both sides of the missing tooth to fill the gap. They will try to move toward each other resulting in malocclusion. 

A false teeth alignment will make provision for various dental problems and an increased strain on the jaw due to crossbite and overbite. Tooth decay is another problem that can spring up in the long run. 

Damage of Gum Tissue Around the Missing Tooth

The gum tissue usually becomes thin in the area surrounding the missing tooth. This occurs due to its deterioration in the quality of the gum, which can also negatively affect the adjoining teeth. Moreover, this might also heighten the risk of gum infection, which can bring fatal consequences.

Chewing and Bite Problems:

The lost tooth will eventually create chewing and bite problems. There can be serious consequences due to unchewed food, including digestive problems and malnutrition, as the unchewed food will prevent a smooth absorption of all the nutrients into the body.

Individuals might also face problems in biting as the lower and upper teeth can no longer be positioned properly.

Final Thoughts:

While these are some serious physical consequences, a lost tooth might also affect a broadened smile on your face. Therefore, one with a missing tooth needs to visit the dentist and learn about all the necessary proceedings for dental implants or tooth replacements. 

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