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Android Applications are now treating people with Urinary Incontinence!

What do you use the internet for? Downloading games to make use of your free time? Opening news and see what Mr. Trumpet cried today? Opening Instagram to cry a sibling about your incontinence issue or plan the next Friday night with a friend? Or might be to surf YouTube videos about how to make faces for Snapchat? But what if we tell you that digital platform has much more to serve us rather than just helping us waste our time? Yes! There are applications unimaginable that have proven to be useful in treating various conditions. Take incontinence for example. You might think that all you can do is to order now some men incontinence pads for sale in Australia! But here is this mobile at your rescue!

Digital Application that you can order now to treat incontinence!

Almost all of these applications are present on both Android and IOS platforms. Furthermore, there might be other applications known and unknown that could be waiting to sense a touch of your fingers! Here is a short list of some famous applications that many have found to be helpful in treating their incontinence.

BladderPal is for all!

This app is available at both the famous digital platforms. What this application does is that it helps you to record your fluid intake and urine output. This way you’d be able to measure your frequency. Urine frequency is one of the most common ways used by doctors that reveal if a person is having an incontinence problem. Furthermore, you’d be able to keep a track of this all and assess your healing journey.

UroBladder Diary!

You need not to order now some specially designed notebook to keep a journal about your urination. This app lets you record fluid intake, output, frequency, urges, etc. One special feature of this app is that it creates a special report for you that you and your doctor can use for reference. One bad thing about this application is that it is not available on an android device. An alternative of this is Vesica – Mobile Bladder Diary.


Tit for tat. Does your incontinence trouble you? You trouble it back! This app is very simple and guides you to perform some Kegel exercises. This will help you if you have a weakened pelvic floor muscle. Many studies have been done around this app and all the studies have shown positive results. The app is available on both android and IOS. Another similar application is Kegel Trainer PFM Exercises. Order now some books if this be the need.

If you find this app to be a little unclear, then you may check YouTube for some clear demonstrations given by Michelle Kenway. She is an amazing instructor and gives authentic and genuine advice.

Sit or Squat

Consider this to be your travel partner and tell your spouse or friend that there is one more with you guys on the journey. Just a joke of course! This application will let you find the nearest public washrooms to help you ease down a bit. We all know how hard it becomes to travel with incontinence onboard. Another alternative of this is Flush – Toilet Finder and Map.

But know that you would not want to depend on just this application. There might be times when it might fail. Thus, always carry your incontinence kit with you while traveling. Order now some men incontinence pads for sale in Australia or around and carry some alongside. You won’t be able to change incontinence pants on the go, of course, thus you might want to carry boosters and pads for urgent cases. You might quickly be able to put them anywhere.

Know that these applications do not contain everything. The thing one must do is to know what help does one needs and search a related application on the store using some creativity. Most of the time, the applications are there.

You may find any app for Yoga and Meditation. We all know how this helps in treating incontinence.

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