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What Are The Benefits of Dental Sealants?

As much as you brush your teeth every day, the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay is present in everyone. The decaying process gets all the more aggravating when you consume sugary foods, as these bacteria eat the sugary residues and break them into acids that could lead to severe tooth decay. Is there anything you can do? There are minerals in your saliva that can help in tooth surface healing. Moreover, if you are using toothpaste that has Fluoride, it can repair the damage to some extent. However, if you notice any cavity or “hole” on the surface of the tooth, it’s about time that you consult a dentist in New York, NY

Do Dental Sealants Protect Against Tooth Decay?

To put it simply, dental sealants refer to thin, transparent plastic coatings that dentists directly apply onto teeth. The major function of dental sealants is that they are used as a preventive measure against tooth decay and degeneration by shielding the regions of teeth that are susceptible to decay. Dental sealants work as frontline fighters that guard the enamel against harmful bacteria, plaque, and food debris, all of which can cause cavities.

Why choose Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are one of the best preventative measures you can take against cavities. Dental sealants are usually recommended when a dentist examines your teeth and discovers tooth decay to stop additional harm. A translucent plastic coating will be applied to the surface of your teeth by the dentist to seal off any grooves or crevices that could potentially cause any kind of decay. By doing so, you would make sure that any acids or germs that can cause cavities are kept away from your teeth.

In case you are wondering about the benefits of dental sealants, the advantages of getting sealants are that they are clear in color and hence discreet. Moreover, they take only a few minutes to apply. Unlike other dental treatments, sealants are not painful and are safe to use, and do not require drilling. 

Final Thoughts:

It is typically seen that food fragments that often get jammed between the spaces of teeth can cause cavities. So, based on a dentist’s recommendation if you choose to get dental sealants, they will act as a barrier to prevent food particles from getting to the surface of your teeth consequently maintaining the general health of your teeth by reducing the risk of getting cavities.


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