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Ways to get rid of dental plaque

Dental plaque is a colorless (or dark brown) sticky coating of bacteria that gets formed on your teeth. If you have plaque on your teeth, you shouldn’t be surprised or worried too much, as everyone has it. However, it is crucial that you take measures to remove them using dental cleanings, daily tooth brushing, and flossing. Plaque needs to be removed as it can cause cavities, infections, loss of gums, etc. Your plaque is made of bacteria, leftover food particles, and saliva. It can also cause bad breath and make your gums swell and look red.

As suggested by the Dexter dental office, some tips to get rid of dental plaque are: 

  • Brushing regularly: You must brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride in it. Ensure that you cover every corner of your mouth while brushing and that you brush for two minutes at least.
  • Floss regularly: Brushing your teeth may not help get rid of plaque completely, and therefore, you need to ensure that along with brushing your teeth, you must also floss at least once a day to remove the dirt between your teeth.
  • Wash your mouth properly: You should properly rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth and after every meal. You can use some antibacterial mouthwash that will fight against the bacteria that form plaque. 
  • Do not forget to clean your tongue: It has been found that your tongue may contain more bacteria than your teeth, and hence, you must use a tongue cleaner to remove the accumulated food particles on your tongue. 
  • Seek professional help: When you regularly visit your dentist, your oral hygiene gets examined thoroughly, and any development of plaque can also be prevented. Stubborn tartar and plaque cannot be removed using the above tips.
  • Do not consume sugary food items in excess: Bacteria that cause plaque feed mostly on sugary food items and can erode your teeth and enamel. Hence, you must limit your intake of sugar.
  • Drink lots of water: It is important that you stay hydrated for the whole duration of the day as the water will flush out the leftover food debris and could help in more release of saliva and save you from excess growth of bacteria in the mouth. 

You have to keep in mind that it is very essential to prioritize your oral health and prevent the formation of plaque.  However, when you have cussed plaque, you may need to consult a dentist to get rid of the problem.

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