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Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing a Non-Working Disposable Vape

So, you’ve just unwrapped a new disposable vape, eager to indulge in its flavors or perhaps enjoy your usual favorite. However, when you take a puff, nothing happens. Your brand-new disposable vape isn’t working, and it’s not even blinking. What could be the issue?

Disposable vapes are typically straightforward and reliable, but sometimes things can go awry. In this guide, we’ll explore various reasons behind a non-working disposable vape and provide solutions to address each problem. Do visit vape stores burnaby

Ensure Proper Unpacking

Disposable vapes are often packed in airtight pouches to prevent leaks and accidental activation. Check for any plugs, stickers, or covers blocking the airflow holes, especially at the top and bottom. Remove these before use.

Check for Leaks

Despite efforts to prevent leaks, they can still occur during transportation. If you notice signs of leakage, such as liquid inside the package, the device may be damaged. In such cases, returning it to the vendor is advisable.

Verify Airflow

Pay attention to the device’s layout, particularly the location of air intake holes. Holding the vape in a way that blocks these holes can prevent it from functioning. Most disposables have intake vents at the bottom, but some may have side vents.

Adjust Puffing Strength

Disposable vapes activate automatically when you puff on them. If no vapor is produced, try puffing harder to force air through the device. A clogged airflow sensor may require firm puffing to clear the obstruction.

Check Battery Charge

If your disposable vape has a USB port, it’s rechargeable. Connect it to a power source to check if the battery needs charging. A fully charged battery should enable the device to function correctly. If charging doesn’t resolve the issue, the device may be faulty.

Adjust Airflow

Some disposable vapes feature adjustable airflow for customized vaping experiences. Ensure the airflow isn’t completely closed, as this can impede airflow and prevent the device from working.

Inspect for Misalignment

If the disposable vape isn’t functioning, check for internal misalignment by removing the cap. Ensure components like the pad and gasket are properly aligned to allow airflow. Exercise caution when disassembling, as returning a damaged device may not be possible.

Address Burnt Taste

A burnt taste from a new disposable vape can indicate trapped air bubbles preventing proper e-liquid saturation. Gently tap the device to dislodge bubbles or wait longer between puffs to avoid dry hits.

Confirm Authenticity

Counterfeit disposable vapes are prevalent, so verify the device’s authenticity by checking for an authenticity code on the box. Use the manufacturer’s website to authenticate the product.

Return to Retailer

If troubleshooting efforts fail, return the device to the retailer. Faulty disposable vapes are not uncommon due to mass production, and reputable vendors will typically accept returns or exchanges for non-working devices.


While disposable vapes are generally reliable, encountering a non-working device is not unheard of. By following these troubleshooting steps and understanding the potential issues, you can often resolve issues and enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest.

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