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Encephalomyelitis Dissemata

Encephalomyelitis disseminata is an autoimmune disease that afflicts the central nervous system (CNS). It is essential for the individuals or the caregivers who notice the symptoms directly correlating to the disease to contact the medical expert. It is best to consult a neurologist in Lahore to help the patient manage the pain and other symptoms.

What is Encephalomyelitis Dissamata/Multiple Sclerosis?

Encephalomyelitis Dissemata is commonly known as Multiple Sclerosis. In this condition, the immune system directly attacks the myelin sheath. The nervous system gets affected as the myelin sheath is the shielding layer of nerve fibers. Multiple sclerosis is known to be a chronic condition that causes inflammation or lesions. It makes it difficult for the brain to send signals to the body, which hinders functioning.

What are the indications of Encephalomyelitis Dissamata?

The symptoms include:

  • The person feels fatigued and is unable to function for everyday tasks.
  • Due to muscle weakness, it is difficult for the patient to walk and maintain balance.
  • The person has a problem with vision and is one of the early signs of the disease. The issues correlated with MS include optic neuritis, diplopia, nystagmus, and complete blindness.
  • Lesions in the brain can cause speech-related problems such as dysarthria. The symptoms of dysarthria include ups and downs in the volume of speech and pauses while having a normal conversation.
  • The person is unable to have control over the bladder.
  • The person is unable to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.
  • The person faces cognitive challenges, such as concentrating, memory loss, and the use of appropriate words.

How is Encephalomyelitis Dissamata diagnosed?

A neurologist will conduct several tests to determine if the patient is suffering from multiple sclerosis, which includes:

MRI scans: It will help determine the active and inactive lesions in the brain that may correlate to the disease.

OPT: Optic coherence tomography helps to examine the thickness of the optic nerve.

Lumbar Puncture: It is commonly known as a spinal tap. The test helps to identify if there are any abnormalities in the spinal fluid.

Blood Tests: It helps to eliminate other medical conditions that might show similar symptoms.

What can cause Encephalomyelitis Dissamata?

The exact cause of encephalomyelitis is not known yet. The medical experts believe it is caused due to environmental triggers, which include various toxins that compromise the immune system. Also, some genes increase the chances of one getting Multiple sclerosis. Research has shown that individuals having family members diagnosed with MS have increased chances of being diagnosed with encephalomyelitis dissamata.

What are the known treatments for Encephalomyelitis Dissamata?

The treatments available mainly include medications that help to manage and control the symptoms. It includes:

  • Disease-modifying therapies help to slow the progress of the disease and reduce the chances of relapse. Disease-modifying medications include Avonex, Beta Seron, Octavia, Plegridy, and Rebif.
  • Oral medications include dimethyl fumarate, teriflunomide, cladribine, diroximel fumarate, and Siponimod.
  • Corticosteroids are prescribed to help minimize the chances of relapse.
  • Heat and massage treatment is beneficial for the pain.
  • Physical activity to maintain strength and reduction in stiffness in the body.
  • Use of stress managing Techniques

What complications are associated with Encephalomyelitis Dissamata?

The person diagnosed with encephalomyelitis dissamata is more likely to have mobility issues, which puts him/her at higher risk of falling and having extensive bone-related injuries. Also, it can lead to anxiety and depression that affects personal and professional life.

If a person exhibits symptoms that relate to the disease should contact a neurologist in Islamabad for diagnosis and treatment to lead a better life. Consulting the medical expert will help the person to manage the symptoms and lead a quality life.

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