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Causes And Treatment Of Dark Circles

Don’t you get enough sleep these days? What are these marks below your eye? Are those dark circles?  You look older and weary.

Aren’t you tired of the innumerable comments people make about the patches below your eyes. Dark circles are sometimes inevitable but they can be avoided and made negligible through treatments.

Dark circles are a very common occurrence in both men and women after the age of 20. Due to the increased stress levels in today’s world, even teenagers end up having dark circles.

 A few prominent causes of dark circles include-


Fatigue is the most common and logical explanation for this condition. Sleep deprivation or even staying up a little late than your regular bedtime can be an invitation to dark circles. Due to reduced sleep, the skin becomes dull, which makes the blood vessels and dark tissues beneath skin, prominently visible.

▪ Age

With age, the skin’s elasticity deteriorates. The skin becomes thinner which makes the dark blood vessels beneath salient.


Your amount of water intake determines how good your skin is. Dull and sunken eyes are always connected to insufficient water intake.

Eye strain

Strain on the eye has become a leading cause for dark circles today. We spend a major part of our time scrolling through social media, or reading material, or even working on screen. This results in enlargement of blood vessels around the eyes, which could darken.

Overexposure to sun

Sunlight can affect the skin immensely. When overexposed to the sun, pigmentation can occur around the eye, resulting in dark circles.

Few other causes of dark circles include- Genetics and Allergies.


Though there’s popular opinion of how home remedies work, the results aren’t really visible. The Clinicare under eye filler treatment makes sure optimal results are achieved through a safe procedure.

Fillers usually consist of hyaluronic acid, which is produced in the body naturally as well. It keeps the skin lubricated and moist by retaining water.

The use of hyaluronic acid makes sure your skin is hydrated and remains unharmed. The process involves injecting the acid through needles and cannulas. Numbing creams minimize the pain and make it tolerable. The skin gets moisturized and rejuvenated. The result is instant and lasts for about 18 months. Alterations once or twice can bring about an optimal result.

Why go through the stress of putting on expensive concealers every single day when you can get rid of your dark circles through safe and better treatments?

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