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5 Braces Myths Dispelled

Many individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth are anxious about wearing braces. Naturally, many myths and misconceptions concerning braces relate to the application procedure, aftercare, and daily life, in general, with braces. Read on to learn from an Orthodontist in Torrance, CA.

  1. True or False: Metal Detectors Are Activated by Braces.

False and True. The metal detectors’ sensitivity and settings determine everything. Tiny pieces of extremely lightweight metals, titanium or stainless steel, are used to make bracelets. Consequently, most metal detectors will not be able to find them; however, some might. Simply inform the security personnel at the airport that you are wearing braces before passing through a metal detector if you intend to fly shortly. 

  1. True or False: You Will Not Need Any Additional Maintenance or Therapy to Keep Your Teeth Straight.

False. Although braces are intended to correct your teeth, you must remain dedicated to maintaining good oral hygiene once they are removed. The dentist will fit the teeth for retainers you will likely have to wear at night for the remainder of your life after your braces are removed. To keep your teeth from moving back to their previous locations, certain retainers can be bonded permanently to the backs of your teeth. In the few days and weeks following the removal of the braces, teeth are particularly prone to moving. Following that, you will need to exercise extra caution to avoid plaque accumulation.

  1. True or False: The Whole Process is Extremely Difficult and Painful.

False. You might feel slight discomfort while getting braces since you must keep your mouth open for a while, but you should not feel any pain. This is true for every dental surgery. Any time you experience pain during the process, you should tell the dentist immediately since it can result from overly sensitive teeth.

  1. True or False: Adults can Wear Fast-Acting Braces.

True. Fast-acting adult braces (FAAB) are a phenomenon, and they are typically utilized by adults who wish to straighten their teeth in a hurry. You guessed it: six months to a year is how rapidly these appliances are intended to straighten teeth. The best aspect is that the majority might not notice you wearing adult braces unless someone pays attention.

  1. True or False: Frequent Wire Replacement is Required.

False. Actually, this is only the case in rare circumstances where the patient makes little improvement over the course of treatment. To monitor the development, you must have routine appointments with your orthodontist. Yes, the dentist may need to adjust the wire occasionally or a little more regularly if your teeth are not straightening any faster. The rate of wire replacements, however, is decided case-by-case.

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