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Online depression screenings – Should you complete one?

Mental health issues are increasing with most of the people. In the recent years the lifestyles changes have given added stressors. The symptoms develop gradually over time and it becomes difficult to recognize when to get treated. Online depression screenings give an easy way to get confidential feedback on your mental health. But are they accurate and useful? 

Do online depression screenings accurately measure symptoms? 

While they can’t replace an evaluation by a mental health professional, online depression screenings do accurately measure symptoms using validated scientific questionnaires. Widely used screenings like the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) directly assess criteria health providers use to diagnose major depressive disorder. By having you rate issues like sleep troubles, concentration issues, and loss of energy over the past two weeks, these screenings determine whether symptoms are potentially reaching clinical levels requiring treatment. So, they can give you a good initial sense of your mental health status.

What do the results of an online depression screening mean?

The outcome of an online depression screening places your results into one of several categories providing straightforward feedback. 

  • A negative screen indicates you are likely not experiencing symptom levels typically requiring mental health treatment right now. You should take necessary steps to nurture your emotional wellbeing through self-care. 
  • A positive screen suggests potentially moderate to severe depression requiring assessment and support from a professional. This means connecting with a mental health specialist for a full evaluation and treatment recommendations tailored to your situation.

Action based on the screening results

Online test depressione screening results should spur you to take appropriate next steps. If your results come back negative but you still feel unwell, be proactive about self-care and re-screening in the future. Manage stress through activities like exercise, sleep, nutrition and mindfulness. You can prevent worsening and avoid treatment needing symptoms. Most importantly, if you screen positive for potential major depression, promptly follow up with a licensed therapist or psychologist. Getting an official assessment and starting therapy and lifestyle changes early on can help resolve depressive episodes and manage this condition over the long haul.

While brief online screenings can’t diagnose depression, they do assess symptom severity using established clinical measures. These tools give insight about mental health issues which is worsening. It helps people to seek professional support when experiencing severe symptoms. It also helps to understand before worsening with right guidance. So, if you’ve been down or emotionally off, go ahead and complete an online depression screening questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes to potentially gain valuable self-awareness and motivation to get the care you may require. Prioritizing your mental health today can prevent more serious issues down the road.

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